Cash Only Bar

Cash Only Bar is a cocktail bar with relaxed atmosphere, offering signature drinks as well as forgotten and contemporary classic cocktails. We also serve our own special hot dogs in homemade buns, with homemade relish, and high quality sausage. Every day the bar is filled with the aroma of freshly made popcorn.

Cash Only Bar differs from other bars in almost all respects. Czech guests are getting used to it, foreign visitors are happy. We love fresh things and enjoy introducing novelties.

Every season comes with a new menu. The spring menu is light and flowery, the winter menu is a bit heavier and more filling. Our permanent menu features drinks from days long gone as well as those newly attempting to win their place in history. We will gladly bring your favorite drink to perfection.

We are looking forward to your visit.


Monday 1800-0100
Tuesday 1800-0100
Wednesday 1800-0100
Thursday 1800-0100
Friday 1800-0200
Saturday 1800-0200
Sunday 1800-0100

Cash Only Bar

Liliová 218/3
110 00 - Praha 1

tel. +420 778 087 117

There are no reservations.
And we don´t take any CC/DC.